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It's a Revolution!

We're thrilled to let you know that we are launching our structured and interactive digital fashion course.

We all already know that the digital transformation is revolutionising the fashion industry: this is creating endless business job opportunities.

Exploit new job opportunities

Professions and roles in fashion companies are being remoulded and redefined and it's pretty frequent to witness a severe lack of up-to-date skills related to digital design and craft.

Re-skill and up-skill are now strategic leverages to seize new and exciting job opportunities arising in this moment of disruption and that will soon become a condition of survival in a hectic job market. 


The fashion industry is facing new consumer and authority expectations about its sustainability practices. Forced to greatly accelerate a radical change in its way of functioning, it is also pushed forward by the massive extension of use of digital tools that have characterized this pandemic lockdowns.

A digital revolution is transforming the way fashion designs, produces, adapts, sells and delivers. This arising new way of working generates savings in time, costs, and resources consumption; alongside this, brand new opportunities in terms of products, markets and business models are soaring.

New technologies enable gamification, the growing tendency to make everyday activities playful and fun through interactive experiences and immersive technologies, and satisfy the widespread need to reduce purchase waiting time and to personalize products.

The use of digital channels and media, primarily social media, is driving people to care about their appearance online, in video games and in the metaverse. This is especially true for Gen Z-ers and it will become soon commonplace for the other generations too.

3D Fashion Designer
Learn how to design digital garments with the most professional softwares used in the industry
Augmented Reality Specialist
Find your role easily in the new meta industry knowing how to manage AR experiences
Virtual Reality for Retail Industry Specialist
Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.
Virtual Fashion Shows Designer
Learn how to animate your virtual models in wonderful backgrounds to create unique virtual fashion shows


At the course completion, students will be able to digitally design clothing and accessories and adapt them to a human body both real and virtual through the use of softwares such as Blender, CLO3D and Spark AR.

The skills acquired have potential applications in fashion companies, digital fashion platforms and digital fashion services companies. 


The course provides a hands-on and strongly up-to-date know how.

Teachers are professionals working in the most advanced contexts of digital fashion.
Students will be able to access live classes alongside a range of tutorials.

The classes are typically interactive, both with the lecturer and the other students. The entire course will be online in order to optimise flexibility and expand possibilities of interaction. In this first edition of the course, lessons will be in Italian.

The course is divided into 5 modules, starting from the basic knowledge of CLO3D and then deepening with the knowledge of Blender and then of Spark AR. It will then require the realisation of a final project where students will apply the skills acquired.

Along the course, professionals working in the most advanced contexts of digital fashion will provide their experience and will be available for discussions with the students.
Those who already have basic knowledge of CLO3D can directly access the module 2.

To Whom Is The Course Addressed

The course can be beneficial for

Fashion design students
Pattern making
Fashion styling
Fashion designers
Garment technicians

Requirements to Apply

B2 for courses in Italian / English B2 for courses in English;
Basic knowledge or experience in fashion design or pattern making;
Knowledge of digital image processing software (e.g. Photoshop);
PC or Mac workstation with the latest OS installed and CLO3D (free trial available, see hardware requirements here), Blender (free) and Spark AR (free) softwares installed.


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